Coliseum CLX

The Coliseum will enhance the beauty of any backyard!

The Coliseum’s delta 3000 oval pool system incorporates aluminum tie bars and a water plate. Providing exceptional structural integrity for oval pools. The delta 3000 system was engineered to ensure maximum swimming area for minimal space.

With its massive roman column style for uprights and elegant grey structure, the Coliseum provides a stately look and build that will last for a lifetime of summer memories.


Primary Specs
Round Sizes 15', 18', 21', 24', 30'
Wall Pattern Chateau
Color Sandstone Structure
Height 52
Top Ledge 7' Aluminium
Upright Aluminum
Bottom Rail Aluminum
Stabilizer Aluminum
Bottom Plate Aluminum
Top Plate Aluminum
Ledge Cover Resin 2 Piece