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Coverstar Automatic Pool Covers

Peace of Mind, Ease of Use and Best in Class Automatic Pool Covers

A backyard swimming pool is the ultimate source of family fun! But when it comes to children and pets, it is also the source of safety concerns. With the press of a button, an automatic pool cover can add a layer of safety to your pool, instantly! In addition to keeping your loved ones safe, an inground pool cover offers a number of important benefits for pool owners.

A Coverstar pool cover is the strongest way to prevent children and pets from getting into your pool when you can’t be there. An automatic pool cover slides on and off your pool with push-button convenience, to protect your pool, and most importantly, your loved ones. A Coverstar inground pool cover is the best protection available for your family and your pool investment!

Coverstar autocovers deliver the ultimate in safety, elegance, and convenience; they’re not just functional, they look great on top of your pool. Besides the many safety benefits, an autocover can also protect your pool to help you reduce maintenance needs, and help you save money on your heating and energy bills. With a pool cover, you can save money each month and spend less time cleaning and maintaining your pool, and more time enjoying your pool with your family.

Cover Models


The CS300 HD is one of the most compact autocover mechanisms on the market. When tight spaces are a concern for a small pool or spa, it’s the best choice


The Atom pool cover includes a stainless steel mechanism with a tuck-under motor. The Atom is a low-offset system that packs power into a compact design to provide a more aesthetically-pleasing look and feel for your pool system.


The Coverstar CS3000 mechanism is engineered with heavy-duty marine-grade anodized aluminum components. The ropes and pulleys on this pool cover model are stronger than the competition. Backed by a 10-year limited mechanism warranty, enjoy smooth operation and years of dependable use.


The Eclipse automatic pool cover model includes the only fully stainless steel mechanism on the market. The Eclipse pool cover is twice the size and strength of the competition and constructed with the strongest drive train and large pulleys for longer rope life.