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Kamado Joe

Blue Dolphin Pools & Spas ... and now grills! We are a proud new dealer of the Kamado Joe line of grills and grilling accessories. There are many reasons the Kamado Joe is the grill for you. These grills are manufactured with the highest quality materials which gives it a lifetime warranty on all the ceramic. The cart is included and is made of powder coated cast iron, with bamboo shelves that house handy utensil pins that help make your cooking experience easy and enjoyable. The temperature gauge is almost twice as big as the competitors, and much easier to read. There is a felt gasket underneath the powder coated cast iron vent that both aides in maintaining temperature and prevents it from falling off if opened to quickly. The cooking grid is made of 304 stainless steel and even has a trap door for placing wood chips. Also included is an ash tool and grill gripper! For more information call or come by one of our four stores today or click on the link below.